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It’s Great To Be Back

With Our 6 Round ‘Fun Quiz’

Wednesday 16th June

8.30pm –10.45pm

                                 1.General knowledge.           2. Around the house

                               3.It’s on the television    4. Football & Cricket

                               5.Comedy               6. The next song line

Winning team prize *£30 cash

Second prize: *£20 Plume voucher

and a “Best team name *prize”

 *all prizes are subject to change without notice and dependant on the number of teams taking part.

 For all quiz dates and Quiz information email “Add may name to: plumequiz@btinternet.com

 Our Great and Famous BURGERS along with our Scrumptious Menu delights are served at The Plume.

Next FUN QUIZ 30th June   8.30pm