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The Plume 6 Round ‘Fun Quiz’

           Wednesday 22nd September              8.30pm –10.45pm

          1. General Knowledge.         

2. All things Germanic.

                  3. Famous lines from the BIG films.

4. All things Scottish.

            5. Who wants to be a Millionaire?

6. Name the artist.

 Winning team prize *£30 cash

Second prize: *£20 Plume voucher

and a “Best team name *prize”


*all prizes are subject to change without notice and dependant on the number of teams taking part.

For all quiz dates and Quiz information email *Add my name to* (subject): plumequiz@btinternet.com

Our Great and Famous BURGERS along with our Scrumptious Menu delights are served at The Plume.

Next FUN QUIZ      6th October   8.30pm