Plume of Feathers

19 Park Vista Greenwich SE10 9LZ

Wednesday 31st October HALLOWEEN QUIZ NIGHT

8.30pm – 10.45pm 

  1. Strange Knowledge?         2. Transylvania / Europe?
  2. Creepy crawlies?           4. Bad Luck?
  3. Horror Movies?             6. Heavy metal music +?  (well, a little bit heavy but certainly not Cliff Richards)

Winning team prize: £35 cash 

Second prize: If 8 or more teams play one nominated player from each of the 3 teams who are runners up will enter a tie-breaker question play-off for a:

£20 Plume voucher

Plume Quiz Team Name

The prize for the SPOOKIEST name chosen by audience reaction will be a bottle of our finest house wine.

*The management reserves the right to change all prizes without notice

Great food is served until 9pm.

The Plume … Very famous for Burgers

 Next Regular 14th November